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Corporate Social Responsibility

Devotion to Communities

While ensuring steady operation, we genuinely appreciate everyone who has supported us and never forgot our original aspiration. We actively fulfil our corporate social responsibilities, encourage our employees to participate in charity and volunteer work, contributing to local communities.

Bingwen Library—A Public Library Built By Company Group

Our motto is “Think and aspire, read and learn”. The public library project was initiated to boost cultivation of the mind, encourage people to read more and better and build a place for permanent learning. Located on the third floor of Xuhai Times Square, the library fosters a dynamic modern space across an area of 1,080 square meters, which are divided into several sections by an entire GRG decorative material and book shelves. It employs the Chinese Library Classification (CLC) or Classification for Chinese Libraries (CCL) scheme to classify over 30,000 books into 26 categories. Visitors can read e-books, borrow printed books, and enjoy interactive reading sessions and public lectures.

Our charity project -“Beauty in Kindness”

Through the cooperation with the 5A-level foundation, Ai You Foundation, we have collected and auctioned children’s paintings at our restaurants nationwide. And the money we raise will be used to improve the living conditions and healthcare services of children struggling in poverty. We aim to provide long-term assistance to the welfare and healthcare projects of children aged 0-14.

Jianyang Tongcai Experimental School

Jianyang Tongcai Experimental School is a private boarding school established in June 2001 by company group. Provided with the funds from Haidilao, the School is growing rapidly due to the hard work of all faculty and students, under the support of the municipal Party committee and people’s government of Jianyang City and competent education administrations at different levels.
The name of Tongcai School was inspired by “Tongcai Academy”, the predecessor of Jianyang Middle School. The term “Tongcai”, literally versatile talents in Chinese, represents the mission and goals of the school that seeks to train every student to be successful with widely developed skills.