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High quality outdoor furniture will become the next new consumption trend in the Middle East? The big seller said so

Founded in 2008, Shuyun Oriental has a strong influence in the Middle East, the Gulf region and India. Under the influence of the Russian Ukrainian war, a large number of people poured into Dubai to buy real estate. Mr. Liang, Director of Shuyun Oriental, said: "As more and more customers turn from renters to owners, and from apartment owners to villa owners, the demand for high-quality outdoor furniture will definitely rise."

The garden product series includes pavilions and awnings, balcony kits, sofa kits, table kits, swings, sunshades, outdoor lighting and garden accessories, which are very popular in the Middle East. Autumn and winter in the Middle East begin in the middle and late October. Extreme weather, such as sandstorms and gales, often occurs during this period. In addition, humidity is also an unavoidable problem. Therefore, the design of the whole series focuses on durability and can withstand all outdoor weather conditions.

Eating outdoors is also a new trend in autumn and winter. After the high temperature leaves, people who have been indoors for half a year will certainly not miss any cool night, which will also promote the demand of outdoor furniture market.

Post time: Oct-11-2022